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Guidelines for Sex Toys

Guidelines for Adult Toys

Adult toys are not cheap, and should be well taken care of to make them last as long as possible. This not only protects your investment, but when you find one that becomes your favorite, you’ll want to keep it in good shape because sometimes manufacturers quit making different models so they can produce other ones. If your favorite toy ends up broken and unusable, you’ll be a a loss if it’s no longer made. So, how should you take care of your adult toys so that they last as long as possible? Here are some basics that will guide you on making decisions about the care and maintenance of your JOUJOU sex toys.

How to Clean Your Adult Toys
Toys should always be cleaned after playing with them, and rinsed off before playing with them later on. Some toys, particularly those that have batteries or cords, should not be immersed or held carelessly under running water. Running water over this type of toy is okay as long as water doesn’t enter into the battery compartment, or into the same slot where the cord enters your toy. You’ll have to pay close attention that no water will enter these areas when you put it away. For dildos and other non-battery operated toys, hot soapy water is more than sufficient to clean your toys. You don’t need to boil these items. If you are sharing your toys, it is best to use a diluted alcohol mixture. However, sharing toys that are inserted is highly recommended against. https://www.joujou.com.au/collections/dongs-dildos-strapons

For toys that aren’t used vaginally or anally, such as handcuffs or collars, the care is a bit more simple. Make sure that you know w here the keys are to handcuffs, including the spare. For leather items, including collars, wrist restraints, spreader bars, blindfolds, and so on, make sure that each is clean and dry before placing it back in its spot. If something becomes soiled, you can wash fabric based items by hand, and wipe down leather and “pleather” items with a damp cloth.

Where to Store and Keep Your Adult Toys
If you have either children or pets, it is very important that you keep your adult toys in a secure and private location. While children may or may not know what these toys are, your pet particularly dogs, will smell your scent on them. Many dogs are known to chew on these, ruining them. Keep them out of reach so this doesn’t happen to you.

Take care of your adult toys and they will bring you many years of pleasure, with or without a partner. When you add a new toy to your collection, follow the above guidelines and you’ll be able to increase the number in your toy box and retain as many as possible.